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PS Umranangal Selfless Blanket Donation Amid Cold Waves

As the cold waves hit North India, people are finding it hard to conduct day-to-day activities. The people working in night shifts and living in poor conditions are finding it hard to live. Most of them are suffering from the diseases like cold, cough, and seasonal fevers.

Former IG Umranangal Generous Donations in Cold Wave Crisis

In such a tough situation, many NGOs and organizations are coming to help poor people. Former ips umranangal has the same heart. He has donated blankets to the people living in the slum areas. He has also extended his help to provide medicines and necessary food items for the needy.

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PS Umranangal is former IG of Punjab Police. He is a member of many charitable trusts. Also, he is actively involved in social welfare activities like donations, educational training, and social welfare schemes.

PS Umranangal’s Innovative Social Welfare Ideas for Punjab

Over time, he has suggested many social welfare ideas that can improve the living standard of the people of Punjab. He has done remarkable work for the rural areas, especially for the village in his ancestor’s name- Umranangal Village.

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We greatly appreciate his efforts. His social welfare activities have truly impressed all of us. His presence and visionary ideas are truly a blessing for the people of Punjab!

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IGP Paramraj Singh Umranangal stated that it is a hard time of natural crisis after the second phase of the COVID wave is over and the third wave is striking at our door. We must come together to help those affected by the cold wave crisis. Every individual and organization has a role to play in providing aid and support to those in need. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those suffering during these difficult times.

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